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In the latter part of World War II, on August 6, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, by a high-flying B-29 bomber. More than 4 square miles of the city was destroyed with more than 92,000 reported dead or missing. Three days later, another atomic bomb exploded over Nagasaki leaving at least 40,000 dead or missing while destroying about 1 square miles of city area.

Durden Looper with crew of B-24 Bomber, Lonesome Lady
The crew of the "Lonesome Lady."
B-24 Bomber, The Lonesome Lady
B-24 Bomber, the "Lonesome Lady."
Flying a mission over Japan, B-24 bomber "Lonesome Lady" was shot down on July 28, 1945, over the Inland Sea, crashing outside Hiroshima. All of the crew were taken prisoner with some interned at the Chugoku Military Police Headquarters. All, except for the pilot who was interned elsewhere, were killed immediately in the bomb blast.

2nd Lt. Army Air Corps, Durden W. Looper
Durden W. Looper, 2nd Lt. Army Air Corps, was killed at Hiroshima, Japan, when the Atomic Bomb was dropped, August 6, 1945, one of the few Americans killed by the bombs and the only one from Arkansas. He was the son of Walter and Bertha Looper, of the Palestine community near Greenwood. He was the brother of W.D. Looper, Sr., Walter Looper, Jr., and Charles Looper.

Memorial plaque at Andersonville, GA
Plaque hanging at the POW museum in Andersonville, GA, commemorating
the Americans who lost their lives in the Hiroshima bombing.
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